Feeling like you need a new headshot?


When: Friday, May 18th

Where: 1181 East Main St.  Ventura

I'm guessing you have the internet, and I'll make the leap that have are handful of internet accounts to which you have recently uploaded a selfie or photo of yourself that you weren't thrilled about.  Fear not, reluctant profile pic uploader, we've got just the thing for you.  On May 18th, we'll be hosting this year's Headshot Refresh Day just for you!  To begin with, we'll schedule a photo shoot at a time that works for you and then have a chat and figure out who you are and how to best put that in a photo.   Multiple settings both in our studio and outdoor greenspace using a range of natural light to stylized studio lighting will be at your disposal.   Make-up touch-ups will also be provided to make sure you're look is photo ready. Together we can make an image of you that says the right thing and the odds are you'll have a great time doing it.

The session fee for this photo shoot is $150 and includes one high res image download which you can use in print marketing and all over the internet.  Additional downloads are also available for purchase.

Our availability is limited and we anticipate this day filling up quickly.  To book your photo shoot call or email!




For more examples and ideas, check out our Headshot Portfolio.