Anyone with a phone may take pictures of their meals, but that doesn’t mean they always look great. Quality food photography has a number of non-negotiable components and many of them — like lighting angles and surrounding environments — often go overlooked.

This isn’t the case at Harper Point Photography, though. Our dedicated team of food photographers has the experience, equipment, and eye needed to make your dish look truly spectacular. Let us help you bring the picture in your head to life.

Food Photography Taken By the Food Photographers at Harper Point.

Whatever your food photography needs, we want to help. You might be a restaurant owner needing products of your food. Our expert restaurant photography team can definitely deliver. Or you might be a food retailer hoping to beautifully capture your product line. We’re seasoned in serving businesses like yours, too.

You might also need food photography services even if food isn’t the product you sell. That’s why we also offer photography for cookbooks, recipe development, food-centered lifestyle shoots, and more. Our photographers do set design and food styling in-house, masterfully creating backgrounds, implementing props and even cooking the food when needed to get the absolute best shots possible. With our remote clients, all we really need are the particular recipes. Our team is able to handle it from there.

Each food photographer on our team is dedicated to helping you capture your vision. You know what makes your product or services special and we help you tell that story through photos. Even though people won’t technically be able to taste the food we shoot, we tailor our food photography to get their mouths watering and their imaginations working.

Restaurant Photography Ventura CA

Food Photography of Fruit and Meat on Bread By the Professional Food Photographers at Harper Point.

For a restaurant, there are few marketing tools as powerful as photos. Enticing images of your food and your space can draw people like a magnet. So if you’re trying to promote your restaurant with lackluster photos, it’s time for an upgrade.

Professional Food Photos Taken By the Food Photographer at Harper Point.

Memorable restaurant photography is more than just a picture of food. It uses the foreground and background to add visual interest. It surrounds your plates with environments and ingredients that help tell the story of the dish. It leverages empty space to highlight the most important parts of your meals. We know what makes restaurant photography pop and we can help you set your establishment apart with its marketing imagery.

Restaurant Photography Taken By the Restaurant Photographer at Harper Point.

Is your branding modern and clean? We can design flatlays to convey your aesthetic. Is your food exciting and ever-evolving? We can capture ingredients in motion to ensure your brand’s dynamism is conveyed in your food photography.

What’s more, we can help you dress up your food as needed to ensure it photographs well. Our photographers always help our photo subjects look their best. We use lighting, setting, and whatever else is necessary to make sure that the photo we deliver matches the picture in your head.

At the end of the day, we’re experts at making your product look great. We’re experienced in straightforward shots of individual plates, images that capture the whole of a restaurant, lifestyle shoots during which food needs to hold up in motion, and more. Our food photographers help a wide range of clients get images that simply look delicious. Whatever your food photography needs, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations.

For more information about our food photography services or to schedule a shoot with one of our expert food photographers, contact Harper Point Photography today.

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