With its new owners at the helm, Matti D Style, a Del Mar boutique clothing store, was due for an image overhaul.  Owners Justin and Jackelyn Mcintosh purchased this already-successful business and have big plans to move it forward.  The top spots on their to-do list were updating their online and social media brand and launching their e-commerce division to reach the far flung corners of the map.

And thats about where we came in.  After meeting with Jackelyn (who runs the fashion side) and Justin (who runs the business side), we made a plan to get updated photos of the brick-and-morter space as well as photos of the staff members that give the store its personality.  We also shared some photo techniques to help them take and manage their on-line catalog photography needs for their growing product line.

We spent a few hours before the shoot scouting the location, getting an overview of their fashion lines and discussing the new look for the brand.  It was as important for them, as with many of our clients, that the interior photos of the space to convey a bright and clean atmosphere that highlighted what they have to offer in a way that wont look dated or of the wrong season in a few months.  They needed big landing page images for their website that they could use for at least the next year.

So we arrived on-site in the afternoon, and began photographing the staff members, allowing enough time for each person get comfortable and open up to the camera.  Then we re-arranged the store and displays for the interior photo angles and waited for the sun to set.  The west-facing windows allowed in too much harsh sunlight in the front of the store while leaving the back portions in dark shadows.  So twilight, as it so often is, was our friend and allowed us to capture all kind of detail inside and outside.